Our Mission & School Wide Learners Outcomes

Mission Statement

Buckingham Collegiate Charter Academy prepares students for post secondary education and life-long success by providing students with the opportunities and guidance needed to develop their individual potential.

Expected School-Wide Learner Outcomes    

Vision Statement (Expected School-wide Learning Results or ESLRs)

What does a Buckingham Student reflect?

Under the guidance of our dedicated staff, Buckingham students will develop the academic fortitude, character, and confidence to meet life’s post-secondary challenges. Our vision is that by the time our students graduate, they will possess the following qualities:

KIND: Our graduates seek connection with others and have a helpful, empathetic and compassionate disposition. They actively listen to and honor the voices of others; furthermore, they communicate respectfully.
NOBLE: Our graduates stand out for their excellent moral character and interpersonal skills as they develop meaningful peer relationships, model excellent manners and personal character traits, including humility, kindness, and teamwork.
INNOVATIVE: Our graduates are innovative problem solvers and critical thinkers. They demonstrate civic and cultural awareness as they take risks, challenge the status quo, and seek to contribute to solutions that benefit the broader community.
GROWING: Our graduates are reflective in that they consistently monitor their own personal development and realistically assess their areas of strength and areas for growth; they set goals for themselves and are united in the pursuit of advancement.
HARDWORKING: Our graduates have a strong work ethic as they put forth their best effort in every endeavor. They are held to high standards, supported with rigorous, high-quality instruction and staff relationships, and given many opportunities to showcase their achievements. They are self-starters who take responsibility to manage their time well, exhibit a strong sense of self-discipline, and actively seek out the resources and tools they need to succeed.
TOUGH: Our graduates have a resilient spirit. They show perseverance and grit as they are faced with challenges to overcome and problems to solve; they employ critical thinking skills and maintain a growth mindset despite adversity.

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