Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements to enroll in Buckingham?

There are no tuition fees, and there are no prior grade/attendance requirements to enter. But there are grade and attendance requirements to continue enrollment at Buckingham.
If you would like to enroll your student in Buckingham.

Once enrolled, what are the requirements to stay at Buckingham?

Once enrolled, students must maintain a 97% attendance rate each semester. They must maintain 70% in all courses to pass, and cannot fail more than 2 classes to continue enrollment. All students must participate in the SBAC, CAHSEE, CA Physical Fitness Test, and other assessment programs designated by Buckingham. Finally, students must adhere to all academic, attendance, and behavior policies.

Are Special Education Services available at Buckingham?

With the exception of elective classes, all students at Buckingham are enrolled in college prep classes. Special Education Services are offered at Buckingham. The delivery model is a learning center approach. Students with an IEP are offered resource support services in a Resource Study Skills Class, in the general education class or outside the general education class, depending on the offer of education in the IEP. The Special Education Teacher works collaboratively with the General Education Teacher, parent, and student. Students are given accommodations and modifications as per IEP to the extent required by special education law.

Are students with Special Education Services successful at Buckingham?

Currently, about 9% of Buckingham's students have Special Education Services; many of which have been successful. The level of success can depend upon many factors such as the academic needs of the student, parent support, frustration level of the student, self-discipline, etc. If a parent is considering Buckingham as a school of attendance for their child with special needs, it is recommended they visit the school site, speak with staff, and thoroughly read the handbook prior to making their decision.

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