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Senior Requirements


Why does BCMHS have a Senior Portfolio?

Buckingham Charter Magnet High School values active and self-reflective learning, as a prospective graduate, you are required to assemble a Senior Portfolio to demonstrate your academic achievement and to engage in self-reflection and self-evaluation.  Components of the portfolio include commentary, self-assessment, and carefully chosen work samples completed during your high school experience. The primary focus of the portfolio is academic work, but you may include material created in a work setting or community organization.  Content of individual portfolios will vary, but these guidelines should help you create an effective representation of your learning.  The faculty and staff hope the portfolio process gives you a meaningful way to reflect on and further integrate your learning experiences.  In turn, we look forward to learning from your work.

The portfolio melds two important foundations of Buckingham’s educational philosophy: the Student Learning Outcomes(SLOs) which drive accreditation and the Learner Outcomes which lie at the heart of the charter.  


The charter’s Learner Outcomes express our stake-holders’ vision of what a Buckingham graduate should be.  We believe our graduates:

 Master a University Prep, STEAM and/or Digital Media Pathway.

 Apply technology skills necessary for the 21st century.

Reach a solid foundation of lifelong learning through personal accountability.

Know how to reach academic success in post-secondary education.


Through the components of the Senior Portfolio, you will bring these skills together and demonstrate through your work samples how you have achieved these skills.