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Staff Directory

Contact James Buescher  James Buescher Dean of Learning Support
Contact Ali Eeds  Ali Eeds Principal
Contact Heidi Garcia  Heidi Garcia (707) 453-7300 ex: 1104 Counselor L-Z
Contact Annaly Sandoval  Annaly Sandoval (707) 453-7300 ex: 1105 Head Counselor A-K
School Psychologist
Contact Sarah Pena  Sarah Pena Associate
Mental Health Clinician
Contact Lin Colonel  Lin Colonel Associate
Charter high school coordinator of community relations
Contact Dan Curry  Dan Curry (707) 453-7300 ex: 1109 Teacher
Athletic Directors
Contact Dan Curry  Dan Curry (707) 453-7300 ex: 1109 Teacher
Contact Tessa Threets  Tessa Threets (707) 453-7300 ex: 1109 Teacher
Office Support Staff
Contact Karin Hedlund  Karin Hedlund (707) 453-7300 ex: 1103 Registrar/Bookkeeper
Contact Tina McKenzie  Tina McKenzie (707) 453-7300 ex: 1102 School Secretary
Contact Laura Strobach  Laura Strobach (707) 453-7315 Attendance Secretary
Contact Becky Walton  Becky Walton Health Clerk
Contact Mary Jo Weiss  Mary Jo Weiss (707) 453-7300 Counseling Secretary
Contact Jessica Acevedo  Jessica Acevedo Teacher
Contact Jordyn Adcock  Jordyn Adcock Teacher
Contact Kristi Bernhardt  Kristi Bernhardt Teacher
Contact Monica Buescher  Monica Buescher Teacher
Contact Bradley Christison  Bradley Christison Teacher
Contact Dan Curry  Dan Curry (707) 453-7300 ex: 1109 Teacher
Contact Anjee Deards  Anjee Deards Teacher
Contact Nadja Fitchhorn  Nadja Fitchhorn Teacher
Contact John Ford  John Ford Teacher
Contact Kristen Goree  Kristen Goree Teacher
Contact Gina Hayes  Gina Hayes Teacher
Contact John Hill  John Hill Teacher
Contact Christy Ireland  Christy Ireland Teacher
Contact Jouli Jara  Jouli Jara Teacher
Contact Thomas Molina  Thomas Molina Teacher
Contact Stephanie Page  Stephanie Page Teacher
Contact Faye Pillow  Faye Pillow Teacher
Contact Cari Pouchnik  Cari Pouchnik Teacher
Contact Ryan Price  Ryan Price Teacher
Contact Carrie Rausch  Carrie Rausch Teacher
Contact Nathanael Rowe  Nathanael Rowe Teacher
Contact Christopher Santopadre  Christopher Santopadre Teacher
Contact Brittany Scheutz  Brittany Scheutz Teacher
Contact Tessa Threets  Tessa Threets (707) 453-7300 ex: 1109 Teacher
Contact Sylvia Tolkan  Sylvia Tolkan Teacher
Contact Sarah Velasquez  Sarah Velasquez Teacher
Contact Meliza Washino  Meliza Washino Teacher
Contact Christine Williams  Christine Williams Teacher
Contact Julia Wilson  Julia Wilson Teacher
Contact Sandy Wright  Sandy Wright Teacher
Paraprofessional Instructional Assisstants
Contact Denise Anderson  Denise Anderson Instructional Assistant
Campus Supervisor
Contact Hala Khoury  Hala Khoury Campus Supervisor


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Daniel Pflag