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Parking Lot Safety


Parking Lot Map
When dropping off students in the morning, please follow the established traffic routes and utilize the drop off areas, pulling forward as far as possible, and turning back around well beyond the dumpster area.

We have also been experiencing problems with people waiting to pick up students after school parking around the Radiation Oncology Center near Bella Vista Road.  As we strive to be good neighbors and respectful of others, I would ask that we pick up students in areas away from the Center.  Also, please do not pick up students across the street at the vacant lot by the Dairy Queen as there is concern that students may be involved in an accident crossing against traffic.

And, In the interest of safety and security,we will be issuing student parking permits for their vehicles.  This will aid in locating students and parking control in the event of damage or an emergency.  There will be an area near the gym/cafeteria that we will request that students park near.