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Meeting Minutes 2020-2021

Shield Parent Group

SHIELD Mission Statement and Purpose

The SHIELD of Buckingham exists to support, expand, and protect the students of Buckingham Collegiate Charter Academy (BCCA).  The expressed purposes of the SHIELD are to solicit funds on behalf of the student body in order to provide them with greater opportunities to learn, grow, and apply the skills they have learned ultimately producing a well- rounded, deeply grounded,  academically strong- minded fellow citizen.  SHIELD's directors will solicit public and private support through educational grants, donations, and other available resources. This is a  representative group that also reviews, advises, and participates in decision making on matters that affect the student, parent, teachers, and school.

SHIELD Board Members 

President - Tim Kruse

Vice President - Kimberlee Mooney

Secretary - Jen Henson

Treasurer - Jean Callaghan-Whitaker

Board Member - Asia Evans

Board Member - Tonia Whitaker

Board Member - Chris Whitaker

Board Member - Rebecca Bruno

Board Member - Open Position


The Shield Board for 2019/20 would like to announce the following Senior Scholarship Opportunities:

1.  Never Give Up: The Fight is Worth It

2.  Trading Up: Striving For a Career of Success in Trades

3.  Listen to Your Art: Being Inspired Through Art and Sharing Your Gifts

4.  Overcome and Excel: Most Improved Grades

5.  Elise P. Buckingham: Honoring Her Legacy

6.  True Grit: Inspired By an Influencer and Their Impact on You

7.  Real Life Heroes: Children of First Responders

Each Scholarship is worth $500 and submissions are due no later than April 3, 2020, to your school counselor.  As you can see, most of these awards are about recognizing your character and one's ability to overcome, be inspired and have a positive impact on others.  Please reference each scholarship for more details on qualifications.  A Scholarship Application summary page must accompany each submission.  

The Shield Parent Group is proud of our kids and hopes that these scholarships will honor those that persevere and work towards improving themselves, their school and their community.


The Shield parent group meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month via zoom at 5:30 PM (subject to change if a major holiday falls on this day). 

Agenda’s and guest speakers are typically shared in advance via school loop and/or the Buckingham Facebook page and the SHIELD Facebook page. 

Please join us to give your input, stay informed and get involved!    For those interested in more hands-on involvement, we also have separate committee meetings for fundraising and special events.

Buckingham Shield